Your first step when administering an estate

Vi kan rädda låsta datorer, familjefoton, dokument, prenumerationer, sociala medier, emailkonton, molntjänster, lösenord

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Your first step when administering an estate

We can recover encrypted user accounts, Files, Photos, Emails

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Analyse your data

Analyse the data stored in your computer and find out which information can be recovered!

Recover media files and documents!

Find and download stored photos, videos, documents, audio files and more. Available on both unlocked and password protected computers.

Find hidden passwords

Find and recover passwords from the hidden files on a computer. View the passwords, usernames, and to which website, service, or social media they are used.

Unlock a password protected computer

Bypass the login password on a computer to gain access and be able to choose a new login password. You will not lose any of the data stored on the computer.

Get assistance from a Teachbuddy!

TechBuddy offers technical assistance by a technician who comes to your house. The technician can help you start the process of analysing the data on your computer, and other processes connected to the services provided by Lockero.

Find accounts & subscriptions

Search the computer to find and index information about active subscription services, social media accounts and other online memberships used by the deceased.

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